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Selene Adriatic, which is responsible for eastern and south eastern Europe, is an important member of the Selene Europe group. Founder and manager Ales Strmljan is known for his enthusiasm for boating in general and Selene Yachts in particular. He has been involved in sailing almost all of his life. Twenty-five years ago, Ales took the opportunity to combine his business acumen with his greatest passion: boats and the sea. He started out working with fast yachts until he got to know trawlers. Later on he was introduced to Selene yachts, and fell in love once and for all with the lifestyle and message they reflect.

Ales surrounded himself with the best and most reliable specialists from the region and his fascinating story began. The Selene Adriatic head office is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the company’s home port is Marina Punat on the island of Krk in Croatia, the location for this summer’s European Selene Yachts Rendezvous. Selene Adriatic also has an office in Zagreb, which takes care of logistics and customer support for Selene owners in Croatia. The well-trained service team has a great deal of experience with the installation of different types of equipment on Selene yachts and has many successful projects under its belt. They also offer complete maintenance of Selene yachts and supply all types of spare parts and equipment.

Should you wish to learn more about Selene yachts or are looking for an experienced partner who will listen and provide the right advice, Ales Strmljan and his Selene Adriatic Team are undoubtedly the right choice. If you plan to sail with your Selene yacht in the Adriatic Sea, the Selene Adriatic office will be an essential point of contact.