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Norway is undoubtedly one of the loveliest places on earth. The country is home to many natural wonders and boasts some great cities, a fascinating history and friendly inhabitants. It’s especially fantastic to visit with your yacht thanks to the scores of fjords and quaint harbour towns. In addition, every visitor to the country enjoys the so-called allemannsrett, which literally translates to “every man’s right”. This is a public right which guarantees a freedom to roam in uninhabited areas throughout the country. This means that you can experience Norway’s unspoiled nature to your heart’s content as long as you show respect for the land and its owners. Lisa Miller of the Huffington Post has suggested 25 reasons why Norway is the most beautiful place on earth – you can read all about them here. If you would like to have more information to prepare for a visit to Norway, contact Erika Krovel from Selene Yachts Norway. She will be happy to assist you in getting ready for your trip. And to get in the mood already, you can watch a cool clip on YouTube about this amazing country.